What is ChartMyMatch?

ChartMyMatch is a tennis analytics company that uses recorded match footage to provide comprehensive tennis statistics.


How does it work?

It’s simple; the athlete records his or her tennis match with a Go-Pro, video camera, etc. and then sends us the video. Once our team has the video, we will watch your match and simultaneously track all major stats. Once we finish statting the match (within 24-48 hours of upload), we will send the completed report back to the athlete so he or she can use it to train more efficiently, gameplan for future opponents, and ultimately win more matches!


What stats are included in these reports?

All major stats are included. Things like first serve percentage, second serve percentage, aces, double faults, forehand winners and errors, backhand winners and errors, net points won, total points won, total errors, etc.


What if I want more granular statistics instead of just the typical match stats?

No problem! We can certainly track specific shot types, specific shot sequences, and other granular stats if you’d prefer. Just reach out to us via the "Contact Us" page, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.




Who are your typical clients?

We have experience working with all different types of clients. Our very first client was a perennial ATP top 10 player, who made significant improvements in his game by partnering with us to stat his matches. In terms of volume, the majority of our clients are either USTA or college teams, or individuals looking to get match stats on a match-by-match basis.


Do you collect stats over time to identify trends in my game?

Yes, we do! The more of your matches we stat, the more we’re able to predict things like benchmarks for success, trends over time, as well as future match forecasting. This is extremely useful for our long-term clients, because we give them data to show how they are winning and losing certain matches, as well as key performance indicators they need to stay at or above in order to win.


This service seems geared towards individual tennis players. What if I’m a college coach, USTA team tennis coach, or other coach that wants to use this service for my team?

ChartMyMatch works for individuals or teams like the ones mentioned above. We’re completely open to signing season long agreements with teams to chart their entire season’s worth of matches at a significantly lower cost per match.